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Happy Holi Images/Pics

I’m gonna tell about holi festival and some interesting and attractive happy holi images/pic. It is an Indian festival which is celebrated on the victory of truth on evil. Holi pictures are mostly used to wish someone on festival of colors. Holi wallpapers are so attractive to post on facebook timeline to wish people.

Festival of colors, Holi, it is full of vibrant and beautiful colors. Holi in India is considered as one of the major festivals. According to the Hindu calendar, the day is celebrated in the month of Phalgun Purnima.
With the onset of spring, colorful Holi in northern India is in the mood. The festival also shows good harvests and fertility of the land is a celebration. The colorful festival also celebrates the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. Mathura and Vrindavan this festival is celebrated in a grand style in the city. These two cities are connected to the depth of Lord Krishna.

Happy Holi Images/Pics


Holi Photo/PicturesHoli5

Happy Holi Images/Pics


Holi Wallpapersfestival of colorsHoli Photo/Pictures

Holi above caste and religion teaches mankind to cross. Old grudges and with great warmth and high reflectivity is a festival meeting others forget. Bonfire on the eve of Holi, the festival begins with power. The next day, people with different types of color gulals abirs and play Holi. They have a nice warm greetings and good wishes of the Holi See to send to each other.


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